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TMDHosting Review – 5 Great Key Features You Must Know (2021)

If you are looking for a hosting provider to host your website, you will want to know the benefits and drawbacks of each. One of the most popular hosting companies out there is TMDHosting. Technology is constantly changing and so are the ways we communicate. The future of social media, marketing, and everything in-between will be completely different. Luckily, TMDHosting is keeping up with these changes. TMD offers many features that have been proven to work in the digital age.

TMDHosting is a dependable and affordable web hosting service. They offer a variety of hosting plans to suit any budget, and their servers are fast. But, what other features does TMDHosting offer? Here are 5 key features you should know about TMDHosting before investing

About TMDHosting  

TMDHosting is a web hosting company that has been providing mouth-watering services for customers for over 10 years. The company started operations in 2007 in Orlando, Florida, and within 8 years, they grew in immeasurable height. Now their wings are spread all over the globe and they have data centers in Amsterdam, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Singapore, and Phoenix.

Although, it is not that popular; yet, it boasts of a strong customer base. If you surf around hosting forums online or social media, you will notice that their customers have positive things to say about them when compared to other big names. With more emphasis on dedicated and VPS hosting, this is one of the go-to hosting companies in the world right now.

Is TMDHosting the right web hosting service for you? In this review, I will show unpack the features and show you the products and price ranges to help you make a choice.

Today, the company hosts data centers in the following cities:

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • London, England
  • Sidney, Australia
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan

TMD hosting gives you the possibility to choose the server that is the closest to your location. You may notice that shared hosting does not have the option to select a data center.

Products and plans offered by TMDHosting  

Shared Hosting  

When you buy shared hosting from TMD, you have the choice of standard Linux installation or a plan with WThe Shared Web Hosting Plan starts at $2.95 per month, and it has three different plans in it. These plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a free domain. In addition, this plan gives you access to a range of eCommerce features, unlimited email accounts, and 200 scripts and apps. Below are the price ranges.

Websites1 websiteUnlimitedUnlimited
SSLLet’s Enrypt SSLStandard SSLWildcard SSL
SSD SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
CachingBasic cachingMemcache instance 128 MBMemcache instance 256 MB
Prices$2.95 per month$4.95 per month$7.95 per month


TMD hosting’s most affordable plan is ideal if you start your web journey. It provides free domain, unlimited SSD space, and let’s encrypt SSL certificate. Additionally, you can rely on the free installation by a hosting specialist, immediate activation, and premium support. For the owners of existing websites, there is a possibility of free files transfer with zero downtime. The Starter plan has a regular price of $4.95, but often you could take advantage of sales price, starting from $2.95 for a month. However, you better be aware because with the renewal of your contract, the regular price will be applied. 


The Business hosting package is especially useful if you choose to host unlimited websites and get the best value for your money. It comes with Performance x2, Memcache instance 128MB, and a standard SSL. TMD hosting allows you to manage your account with cPanel, so if you already have experience with cPanels, you surely feel more comfortable. Business shared hosting package also comes with Softaculous auto-installer and support for Cloudflare CDN. 


Once your business grows, the traffic for your website may become heavier, and you better consider upgrading to Enterprise shared hosting. This package makes a difference with many better caching options like Memcache instance 256 MB and Performance x 3. 

All shared hosting plans offer 24/7 dedicated support, servers with Solid-State drives, and live malware protection. TMD hosting is a partner with one of the leading website builders Weebly. It’s easy to use and an excellent alternative if you don’t want to use WordPress or other CMS.

WordPress hosting

If you plan to use the most popular content management system WordPress, this hosting plan delivers a better experience. TMD hosting offers an optimized and professional solution to safely run your website. With various caching solutions, NGINX web server, and SSD drives, you are provided with an incredibly powerful, fast, and reliable service. WP hosting packages are designed to manage all the technical issues related to the CMS. You could rely on the support team experts to assist you free of charge. The most affordable managed WordPress plan is starting at $5.95 for a month.

The WordPress Plan offers cheap services that are configured to give maximum performance to WordPress websites. Just like the first two mention plan, this plan offers three different sub-plans. Below are the price ranges.

Websites1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsiteUnlimited Website
CachingBasic CachingMemcache instance 128 MBMemcache instance 256 MB
SSD SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSLLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSL
Price$5.95 per month$6.95 per month$9.95 per month

Cloud hosting

There are many reasons to choose a cloud hosting plan, like better speed, excellent performance, and solid safety. In brief, your site will load extremely fast, and your visitors will be more satisfied. In order to provide these features, TMD hosting combines the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors, SSD storage, and a LiteSpeed web server.

If there is a sale offer, you could buy the Starter cloud hosting plan for $5.95 per month. As cloud packages are easily scalable, you could switch to a better plan as your need for more resources grows. TMD hosting utilizes a private network, powered by BitNinja to protect your website from malware attacks. Moreover, you can easily personalize your account with an application like OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal, SocialEngine, PrestaShop, or Dolphin in just one click. The server stack runs on LiteSpeed, which provides a performance boost for WordPress. 

Like shared hosting plan, Cloud Hosting Plan offers three different plans. It is considered to be a faster version of shared hosting. Below are the price ranges.

Cores2 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores6 CPU Cored
Websites1 WebsiteUnlimitedUnlimited
CachingBasic CachingMemcache instance 128 MBMemcache instance 256 MB
SSD SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSL Let’s Encrypt SSLStandard SSLWildcard SSL
Price$5.95 monthly$6.95 monthly$9.95 monthly

VPS hosting

Virtual private service hosting packages are created to help you easily configure and customize your toolkit to best suit the needs of your business. Basically, VPS plans are fully managed to assist you in more technical tasks. You could choose between cPanel and WHM, or take advantage of free setup and rapid provisioning of your account. There are many VPS plans to choose from, depending on the resources your website needs. The basic Starter plan has a regular price of $39.95 per month and offers 40 GB SSD space, 2 CPU cores, and 3 TB bandwidth. On top of that, TMD hosting regularly offers sale prices with a 50% discount.

The VPS Hosting Plan is provided using SSD hardware, which increases reliability and speed. On this plan, you can choose a location that best suits your business. Below are the price ranges.

Space40 GB SSD Space65 GB SSD Space100 GB SSD Space150 GB SSD Space200 GB SSD Space
Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth4 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth8 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth
CPU Cores2 CPU Cores2 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores6 CPU Cores
Price$19.97 per month$29.97 per month$39.97 per month$54.97 per month$64.97 per month

Dedicated Servers

When it comes to the more demanding needs of a business website, like intensive traffic and millions of visits, you may consider a dedicated server hosting plan. Even the starting plan offers 1 TB storage, 4CPU cores, and 8 threads for $159.95 regular price per month. At the same time, you can easily scale your plan to fit your needs and move to the next hosting suggestion. Unfortunately, TMD hosting provides only Linux-based dedicated servers, and you may look for other hosting suppliers in case you want a server based on Windows.  

The Dedicated Hosting Plan is the most powerful and server resourceful service you can get from TMDHosting. It is crafted for heavy traffic and it can install virtually anything. Their plans are divided into four and you can buy any depending on your pocket size. Below are the price ranges.

Storage1 TB Storage2 TB Storage2 TB Storage2X2 TB Storage (RAID-10)
Cores4 CPU Cores6 CPU Cores8 CPU Cores8 CPU Cores
Threads8 Threads12 Threads16 Threads16 Threads
Prices$79.97 per month$99.97 per month$124.97 per month$149.97 per month

 Reseller hosting

TMDHosting created three intuitive and easy reseller plans that you can choose from:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Professional

All the plans are supplied with WHM/cPanel control panel to assist you in managing your caching, websites, or discounts. In case you need to upgrade your package, you can easily contact the support team to provide all the necessary information about the upgrade.

TMDHosting provides Reseller Hosting Plan for those looking to distribute their server. Buy your preferred plan, sell and make money. It comes with a dedicated IP address and a private DNS and SSL. Below are the price ranges.

Bandwidth700 GB1400 GB2000 GB
SSD Space65 GB SSD Space130 GB SSD Space2000 GB SSD Space
CachingBasic cachingAPCu CachingApCu Caching
cPanel Accounts10 CPanel Accounts25 cPanel Accounts25 cPanel Accounts
Prices$19.95 per month$34.95 per month$49.95 per month

 Key features of TMDHosting

 1. Dedicated support 

TMD hosting has top-notch tech customer support that is available 24/7. In case you have pressing issues, you can contact the team by telephone, live chat, or via support ticket. Beyond that, a company forum is available to post your questions. All the inquiries are responded to in no more than 15 minutes. One of the advantages of a small company is that the customer is very important to them.

2. Free daily backup 

If you run multiple websites and constantly change data on the server, you may already know the importance of making a backup of your files. Many hosting providers will charge your account for that service. Automatic free daily backup is what sets TMDhosting apart from its competitors.  

 3. Affordable prices  

TMD hosting offers great discounts regularly for new customers. You can get a price that is 40-60% off but be careful as your renewal price is higher. What’s more, you can get an additional discount using coupon codes. However, you better keep in mind that the host offers only a full-year contract, and there are no month-to-month payments.

Additionally, TMD hosting gives you a credit if you have unused months of service.

 4. Money-Back Guarantee 

While TMD hosting does not provide free trials, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee with shared and cloud hosting plans. Also, if you use a monthly plan, you can get a money-back guarantee for 30 days. After all, you may be careful because the hosting doesn’t refund domain names, extra services, add-ons, and Bare Metal Servers.

 5. 99.999% uptime guarantee and better performance

TMD guarantees 99.999% uptime even with the more basic plans without a charge fee.

The hosting provider promises a 16x faster speed of page loading obtained by three types of caching(OPCache, APC, and Varnish) in combination with solid-state drives.

3 Main Reasons Why You Should For TMD Hosting

Unbelievable Offer

Unlike most hosting service providers who give you an offer but they put a limitation to it. TMDHosting gives you a free domain for life and you do not even need to renew it. With a basic plan of $2.85 per month, you will get a free domain.

Free Automatic Updates

This feature ensures your website files are backed up for up to 5 days at no extra charge. Although it is not up to the normal 7 to 14 days back up time, it does its own automatically every day for free.

Availability of Website Security

TMDHosting provides security for their client’s websites and gives you options to add more security through the SSL certificate provided for free by Let’s Encrypt.

Frequently Asked Questions about TMDHosting

Does TMDHosting offer WordPress plans?

TMDHosting allows you to choose from three WordPress hosting packages – Starter, Business, and Enterprise. It’s especially useful to host your website in a prebuild environment with many plug-ins for a better experience.

How Do I Contact TMD Hosting?

Contacting TMDHosting is very easy; click on the Chat Now icon on the homepage, to start a conversation with their 24/7 customer support representative.

How Do I Login Into TMDHosting?

To Login into TMDHosting account, you need to have an account first. To do this, click on the three parallel lines on the top-right corner of the homepage to select your preferred product. Click on the Get Started Now button on the plan you want. Register your domain on the next page. Provide all necessary information on the next page and make payments to activate your account. Use the information provided when registering on your next Login.

The main takeaway of TMD hosting

TMD hosting is an excellent choice for businesses or bloggers that need a reliable hosting provider. If you’re planning your business to grow fast, the host offers the ability to easily switch plans. The company provides stable server performance, excellent customers support, and many useful features. TMDHosting offers a variety of bonuses that are considered as paid add-ons in many other hosting companies. 

In conclusion, TMDHosting is a nice option for you to start your hosting journey. With the speed and reliability level, you sure have nothing to worry about. The wide range of hosting plans offered by TMDHosting makes it easier for you to choose a plan based on your pocket.

While there are other cheaper hosting options out there, we feel that if you need a simple interface, free domain, consistent support and a lot of free useful tools, TMDHosting should be your choice

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