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Hostinger Review – 5 Great Key Features You Must Know (2021)

When it comes to the success of your website, one of the most important decisions to make is choosing the right hosting provider. If you have a limited budget, but you are looking for a fast loading speed for your website, maybe Hostinger is the right choice.

Hostinger is trusted by more than 29 million users and is becoming a major player in the industry. This hosting company is offering very attractive services at an affordable price, starting at 1.39$ per month.

 Beginners that look for an easy start will be attracted by the shared hosting plan of Hostinger. The other popular options include Cloud hosting and VPS.

Despite the unbeatable prices, the services offered by the provider have surprisingly high quality.  

Most importantly, the best hosting provider for you is the one that offers the more suitable plans for your website. Read on this article to make a decision if Hostinger fits your needs.

About Hostinger

The company was founded in 2004 in Lithuania as Hosting media. One of its subsidiaries, named 000Webhost is launched in 2007 and it provides free hosting worldwide.

Nowadays, Hostinger has become one of the fastest-growing European companies with data centers in seven world locations. It is an employee-owned hosting provider and has subsidiaries in 178 countries.

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Products and plans offered by Hostinger

Hostinger is most popular as a shared hosting provider.In short, it offers one server to be shared by many users. This hosting plan may fit your needs if you are an owner of a small to a medium website or have a small budget. Let’s explore the types of web hosting that are offered to its clients.

Single Shared Hosting

This plan is great for beginners with one website, and offers 30 GB of SSD storage space, up to 10000 visits per month, a free SSL certificate, and much more. You only need to be careful because this basic plan is missing a daily automatic backup of your data. The outstanding price of 1.39$ for a month for this plan is available with a commitment for 48 months. 

Premium Shared Hosting

You could pick this plan if you have many small websites or blogs. It offers 100GB SSD storage, allows up to 100 websites and 25k bandwidth. The most optimal price per month is $2.59 and it makes this plan most popular.

Business Shared Hosting

If you are looking for advanced options like automatic daily backup, larger bandwidth, free CDN, this is the right plan for you. Business Shared Hosting is offering better security and performance compared to the Premium plan. 

Cloud Hosting

Now, let’s explain first what stands behind cloud hosting. It is a type of web hosting service that uses many servers, in order to increase uptime and balance the traffic. In short, if one server fails, your site will keep running on another with no loss in downtime. The data centers of Hostinger are located in the USA, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, and Lithuania. The reasons to choose cloud hosting are:

  • 4x more speed 
  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
  • Excellent Speed Performance

You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the provider. The cloud servers are running on isolated instances and have dedicated IPs. At the same time, they use the latest technological updates that are available. The prices of cloud hosting start from $9.90 per month for Startup. There are also Professional plans from $18.99 and Enterprise from $69.99 per month.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting plan provides a dedicated partition of a virtual server for each user. This option is the best choice for users on a larger budget or that plan to expand their websites in the future. It can deal with higher traffic and is faster than shared hosting. VPS hosting provides more advanced options for users with technical expertise. There are several plans, starting from $3.95 per month for 1 vCPU and the most expensive plan is $29.95 for 8 vCPU

Key features of Hostinger

Easy to setup 

Hostinger makes it easy to add your website, even for a beginner. You don’t need to wait for the approval of your account as it is made instantly. The provider also offers an easy-to-use website builder with a drag and drop feature. Even more, there are more than 100 templates available to choose from.

Simply fast websites

It is important to remember that the speed of a website is essential for the traffic of visitors. Hostinger has switched from Apache to LiteSpeed Web Servers(LSWS).  The main advantages of this decision are:

  • Architecture driven by event
  • Security features, that are build-in
  • QUIC and HTTP/2 support
  • Advanced cache engine

The improvements for the owners of WordPress websites are noticeable with LiteSpeed. To benefit from better performance users have to use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. It helps also with compressing images and optimizing the code of the website.

WordPress made easy

Hostinger ensures an optimized environment for WordPress sites. The installation can be done easily when you make the initial account setup for the hosting or later by Auto Installer. By default, you will install the newest version of WordPress and a new database is created automatically. As this CMS is preferred by many users there are different hosting plans for it.

Single WordPress hosting plan offers many benefits like free SSL, Multiple Data Centers, weekly backups, and many more. This offer starts from only $1.99 per month and is great for beginners. If you are looking for more WordPress themes, Hostinger started offering a growing collection of them. 

The provider is optimized for the most popular content management system and makes it easier to manage. Hostinger’s team will handle all the necessary steps of maintaining your WordPress websites like updating the plugins, site security, and more.

24/7/365 Chat Support

Hostinger chat support agents are available for all kinds of technical problems. They respond 24/7 by live chat, email, or ticketing system. No matter what is the issue, the agents are well trained, very helpful, and respond quickly.

Additionally, you will find also a knowledge base and tutorials.

From micro to large-scale

Depending on the scale of your project, you can select different technologies. Over time, it is easy to upgrade your hosting plan. Hostinger is offering ease of scalability to meet the needs as your website grows.  

User-Friendly Control Panel

 Hostinger has developed an hPanel that is an upgraded form of cPanel. The main benefits are better design and user experience. The menu is more explanatory, well-organized, and easy to use even for users with little experience. 

30 day money-back guarantee

The customers of Hostinger are guaranteed to receive their money back if they are not satisfied with the services.

Most asked questions for Hostinger

How Do I Contact Hostinger ?

As contacting the Customer team is available only for registered users, the right way to ask you questions is to access the page Then you could select General Inquiry and describe your topic. Alternatively, you can send an email to, just make sure to describe your question in detail. 

Is Hostinger free?

Many users are asking this question and it is good to know that despite Hostinger is not free, 000webhost is still free. It is its daughter company and if you make a decision to upgrade your account, you will be redirected to Hostinger.

Drawbacks of Hostinger

While Hostinger offers many great advantages to its users, it is possible to see some small flaws. When compared to industry expectations, the uptime percentage is slightly lower. It can happen some months the range to drop at 99.04%. Besides that, it is reliable and guarantees 99.9% uptime over the year. Even better, Hostinger makes the performance details available to the public.

Unfortunately, Hostinger does not offer dedicated servers like most other providers. If your business is fast-growing and you need to upgrade to a better hosting plan you will have to migrate to another provider.

Also, you should be careful because the feature Daily Backup comes free only with a Business Shared plan and not with other cheaper plans. This could make you feel a bit insecure but you can still rely on the free weekly backup.

Hostinger has fast and stable performance on every offered plan. Even for cheaper plans, there are no problems with servers and the services are very reliables. 

Hostinger is an excellent choice for beginners or users with small experience. One great advantage is the free website migration. All you have to do is request a migration from the dashboard. 

 Hostinger is providing anonymity and protects your identity. The provider accepts payments with cryptocurrencies and identity verification of users is not required. 

Hostinger – Coupons and Promocodes

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