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Best Web Hosting For Beginners (2021)

Which web hosting plan could boost up the success journey of beginners? Mostly beginners search for reliable, secure, and fast web hosting services? Finding the best web hosting services for beginners could be a time-consuming activity. Therefore, we have reviewed the best hosting sites for you, and all of them provide their best services at an affordable price.

Web Hosting For Beginners Compared

Web HostEntry PriceSite MigrationFree SSLExtra Cheap?
A2 Hosting$2.99/monthFreeYesNo
InMotion Hosting$5.99/monthFreeYesNO
Dreamhost$2.59/month Free YesNO
WP Engine$25/monthFreeYesNO
Best Web Hosting For Beginners (2021)

Why Is a Good Business Web Hosting Important?

Web hosting is an online service, which lets users publish their websites on the internet. Through these services, website owners take some space at rent to store their files or data. Therefore, every website must have reliable, secure, and good web hosting that ensures crucial data security. 

Best Web Hosting For Beginners Reviewed 

1. Dreamhost, Web Hosting For Beginners

Dreamhost, Web Hosting For Beginners

Tagline: With Dreamhost, beginners can make sure that their website is entirely secure, fast, and always up. Moreover, web hosting provides you the best web hosting plans, which can also help you to get the trust of visitors and search engines!

Website: https://www.dreamhost.com/
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Dreamhost offers you some of the very outstanding and appreciable features at an affordable price. The Hosting provides you a bunch of tools that can make everything clear and easy for beginners. The Cloud hosting packages of the Dreamhost are just powerful and palpable. Most of the experts recommend Dreamhost just because of their control panel. 


  • The panel is easy to use
  • Available at affordable price 
  • Customer service is beneficial
  • The dashboard is straightforward to use


  • Pricing and different packages are confusing 
  • Offers best ways to track the hosting performance 
  • More integration with external services
  • Delay in resolving the issues

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: WordPress Hosting available at $2.59 per month
  • Plan 2: Website Hosting available at $2.59 per month
  • Plan 3: VPS Hosting open at $10 per month
  • Plan 4: WP Website Builder general at $2.59 per month
  • Plan 5: dedicated Hosting available at $169 per month
  • Plan 6: Cloud Hosting open at $0.0075 per month

Which Dreamhost Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For Beginners?

WordPress Hosting would be an excellent web hosting plan for all beginners. With this web hosting provider, your website can run fast. In addition, the site helps in the optimization of the performance of your website. Above all, web hosting makes the preconfiguration easy for the maintenance of your website.

How Do I Login Into Dreamhost?

  1. Enter your email address, which has been linked with your account
  2. Enter password
  3. Click on Sign In Button
  4. And if you don’t remember your password, you can also reset your password.

How Do I Contact Dreamhost?

You cannot contact the team of Dreamhost by phone most of the time. However, call boxes are available all the time following your plans. To access the phone support, you can check the Request a callback box when you submit the ticket. 

Comparable Solutions

Dreamhost has many alternatives available in the market like A2 Hosting, SiteGround, Bluehost, and Cloudways. 

2. WP Engine, Web Hosting For Beginners

WP Engine, Web Hosting For Beginners

Tagline: WP Engine power-up the digital experience of the beginners. It is a fast and reliable hosting platform for businesses of all sizes.   

Website: https://wpengine.com/

Most of their services and plans are available at an affordable price. But WP Engine stands out among competitors. The hosting offers you managed plans, which can completely optimize your website. Besides it, the site also offers you a rapid and easy migration. In addition, they also provide multiple diagnostic and performance tracking options. 


  • The speed is just outstanding
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Hosting Panel tools are just amazing 
  • Very easy to scale up the hosting 


  • DNS management is no
  • Security is not goof you may not found this site as reliable as it should be

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Managed Hosting Startup available at $25 per month
  • Plan 2: Managed Hosting Professional open at $49 per month
  • Plan 3: Managed Hosting Growth available at $95 per month
  • Plan 4: Managed Hosting scale available at $41 per month

Which WP Engine Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For Beginners?

Managed Hosting Startup is a good option for all beginners, as the Hosting offers 24/7 support just the way beginners required. Furthermore, the Hosting provides you ten premium themes, daily backups, free automated migrations. You can also get free SSL and SSH. Therefore it becomes the best choice for all beginners. 

How Do I Login Into WP Engine?

To login to WP Engine, follow the given steps:

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Click at the name of the environment to which you want to get a login
  3. Select WP Admin at the top right, and that’s it

How Do I Contact WP Engine?

There are different ways to contact them, and they are also available on different platforms. First of all, you can call them at +1-512-273-3906 and can get the best possible solution for all of your problems. And phone support is available for all the plans. 

Comparable Solutions

A2 Hosting, DreamHost, Bluehost, Hostwinds, Cloudways, and SiteGround are the best alternatives for the WP Engine. 

3. Interserver, Web Hosting For Beginners

Interserver, Web Hosting For Beginners

Tagline: Interserver offers the best web hosting plans, which include everything you required. Hosting provides all of its services at an affordable price. Here, you can choose one of the best plans without paying any hidden charges. 

Website: https://www.interserver.net/
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Interserver has been working for a very long time. They have been specialized in VPS hosting and aims to provide you the dedicated hosting solutions. 

Moreover, they offer you multiple numbers of plans, which you can choose according to your needs. Without and doubt, all of their packages are budget-friendly and provide several choices to the customers.  


  • Guarantees you uptime
  • Offers an alternative approach to reliability 
  • Good value for your money 
  • Provides money back and price lock guarantees


  • Limited services are one of the most significant issues
  • Slow speed
  • Do not include everything 
  • Customer support is not responsive

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: ASP.NET available at $8 per month
  • Plan 2: VPS SPECIAL available at $6 per month
  • Plan 3: DEDICATED available at $49 per month

Which Interserver Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For Beginners?

APS.NET is the best plan for all beginners. Moreover, the plan offers a lot at a very affordable price. With this plan, the users can get an easy-to-control Panel, unlimited storage space, unlimited support, free website migration, and much more. Therefore, all the beginners can boost up the success of their sites just like a pro!

How Do I Login Into Interserver?

First of all, visit the site of Interserver and then:

  1. Login to your account by entering the email address
  2. Type your password
  3. And click login

How Do I Contact  Interserver?

There are different ways to contact them. One of the best is phone support, and you can call them at: (201)605-1440 or at: (877)566-8398. the Hosting offers you 24/7 customer support, so you can call them anytime and can find the best possible solution for all of your problems anytime. 

Comparable Solutions

Hostinger, GreenGreeks, and A2 Hosting are the best Interserver alternatives. 

4. iPage.com, Web Hosting For Beginners

iPage.com, Web Hosting For Beginners

Tagline: Here, with iPage.com, all the beginners can get everything, like unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificates, and Free Domain for one year. 

Website: https://www.ipage.com/

Within the last few years, iPage.com has improved itself, and at present, they offer several attractive features. Now, you can use these services to build a new website for vital uptime, outstanding customer services, and much more. Low cost and vital uptime are some of the attractive features of iPage.com.


  • Discount sale prices
  • Host unlimited websites
  • The user-friendly graphics-based security suite 
  • Unlimited storage 


  • Multiple domain hosting has become a little bit difficult 
  • Webalizer Stats websites are not listed separately 
  • Occasional upselling 

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Go Plan available at $1.99 per month

Which iPage Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For Beginners?

iPage.com offers you only a plan which is very simple and affordable. Through this plan, you can get all the necessary tools that can rank your site higher. The plan starts at $1.99 and offers you unlimited websites, free SSL, free domain for one year, 24/7 customer support, and free standard emails. The Hosting also provides you unlimited storage. 

How Do I Login Into iPage.com?

To login to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Add your password
  4. Click on login 

How Do I Contact iPage.com?

You can contact them in different ways. IPage.com offers you 24/7 customer support so that you can get them any time and can find the solution for your problems. You can call them at 1-877-472-4399. Besides it, you can also chat with them. Chat Now would be a great option if you want to get quick answers to your questions. 

Comparable Solutions

SiteGround, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, GreenGreeks, InMotion, and Hostinger are the best alternatives for iPage.com.

5. Bluehost, Web Hosting For Beginners 

Bluehost, Web Hosting For Beginners

Tagline: With Bluehost, you can build and grow your business by following an easy step-by-step setup!  So, get benefit from all of their services, get some fantastic tools to rank your website higher!

Website: https://www.bluehost.com/
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Without any doubt, Bluehost has performed very well through the last very few years. And at present, they offer very reliable services. In addition, the hosting web offers you a money-back guarantee, multiple tiers of hosting packages, and a countless number of user-friendly applications. Customer services are available 24/7, and you can contact them anytime through phone, mail or the option of live chat is also available.


  • WordPress and total design freedom 
  • Free 24/7 support for the lifetime 
  • Provides free Domain Name
  • Reliable and automated security updates


  • Additional costs
  • A small amount of storage 
  • Uptime is not up to the mark 
  • Expensive as compared to competitors

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Shared Hosting available at $2.75 per month 
  • Plan 2:  Online Stores available at 12.95 per month 
  • Plan 3: Managed WordPress available at $9.95 per month

Which Bluehost Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For Beginners?

It is the best choice for beginners, as the hosting features are required to start a Blog, a Domain, or a website. They offer all of their services at a meager price and provide you unlimited websites. Bluehost also provides a free SSL certificate and much more at a low price.

How Do I Login Into Bluehost?

  1. Go to Bluehost
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter a domain name or email address as your username
  4. Enter the primary account password
  5. Click login, and that’s it!

How Do I Contact Bluehost?

You can contact Bluehost in different ways, like calling them at 001801-765-9400, or you can also find them at 10 Corporate Drive Suite #300 Burlington, MA 01803. in addition, you can also find them on different platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram. YouTube. 

Comparable Solutions

DreamHost, Cloudways, A2 Hosting, and Hostwinds are some of the famous alternatives for Bluehost. 

FAQs for Web Hosting For Beginners

Can You Host Your Website?

Yes, one can host his or her own website, but it is a massive challenge. However, you can follow the instructions and can host your website very quickly. The host can get multiple options, but one of the best options is to use the virtual private server running the Ubuntu.

How Do You Choose a Web Hosting Service

To choose the best web hosting, follow these steps:
1. Check the best web hosting for beginners in 2021
2. Determine how much hand-holding you would require
3. Guess the amount of traffic you can expect
4. Try to understand the server types
5. Select the portable content management system to avoid the lock-in
6. And own your domain name

What Does a Website Hosting Company Do?

The hosting provider arranges the space on a web server, where you can store all of your files or other data. And this way, you can view all of your files online anytime. Remember that a server hosts each website which you visit.