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Best Web Hosting For Students (2021)

Most of the students build up sites for multiple purposes like business, online portfolios, or courses. Furthermore, the websites help the students in making money and let them get good grades. But which would be the best web hosting for students in 2021?

The best web hosting is required to make your websites successful. But the selection of the best web hosting could be tricky for the students. We have made an effort for you and have provided top web hosting for you after the research of few hours. So you can have a look over them before buying the web hosting!

Comparison of web hosting for E-Commerce

Web HostEntry PriceSite MigrationFree SSLExtra Cheap?
A2 Hosting$2.99/monthFreeYesNo
InMotion Hosting$5.99/monthFreeYesNO
Liquid Web$15/monthNOYesNO
Digital Ocean$5/monthFreeNONO

Why Is a Good Business Web Hosting Important?

The foundation of a successful business is a successful website. Therefore, the need for the best web hosting services rises.

The web hosting services can make your online presence more effective and ensure a successful journey. This way, you run a more profitable business. That’s the way you must choose the best Web Hosting for your business!

Best Web Hosting For Students Reviewed

1.   TMD Hosting, Web Hosting For Students

TMD Hosting, Web Hosting For Students

Tagline: TMD Hosting offers all the required services like maintenance, regular backups, content, and traffic monitoring to develop all the students required to make their website a great success.


Web hosting comes with different types of worth considering features, making your website stand out among others. Here, you can get different plants and select the one according to your needs.

Furthermore, with shared and cloud hosting plans, the web hosting offers 50 days money-back guarantee. Web hosting provides many top-quality features such as SpamExperts, SSD, cPanel, and Cloudflare.


  • Offers excellent performance, a reliable server
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Crystal clear guidelines for server limitations
  • Affordable prices


  • The auto-backup feature should be better
  • Offers just CloudFlare package
  • Renewal prices are high

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Shared Hosting
  • Plan 2: Cloud Sites
  • Plan 3: VPS Hosting
  • Plan 4: Dedicated Services

Which SiteGround Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For E-commerce?

Shared hosting is the best web hosting plan for students. Through this plan, students can get a reliable and flawless starting point for their successful website.

With this plan, students can enjoy 16X faster web hosting services along with free SSD. Furthermore, the program guarantees you 99.99% uptime and, in addition, provides you unlimited email accounts also.

How Do I Login Into TMD Hosting?

TMD Hosting uses the cookies at their site just to improve the browsing experience of the visitors. 

  1. Enter username in the “Username Text Box.”
  2. Enter the password and click Login

How Do I Contact TMD Hosting?

TMD Hosting offers you excellent customer services and always tries to provide you the best possible solution for all of your problems. Therefore, you can contact them anytime, so call them at 1-888-771-5990 from the US and 44-800-090-3103 from the UK. You can also send them your queries through email

Comparable Solutions

Site Valley, HostNoc, Flywheel and Hetzner all are the alternatives for TMD Hosting.

2.   HostGator, Web Hosting For Students

HostGator, Web Hosting For Students

Tagline: With HostGator, students can pick a perfect web hosting plan at an affordable price and make their success journeys more affordable!

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Web hosting was founded in Florida in 2002; they have gained immense popularity and a huge success. The hosting offers you everything related to hosting. And in addition, they always offer you discounts on their different services. The users also get the Domain name for the first year, which is just more than enough for a student searching for the best web hosting services.


  • All plans offer unlimited storage.
  • You can get the plans for 1, 3, 6, 12, and 36 months
  • Unmetered bandwidth is one of the most outstanding features
  • The site offers you different languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python


  • Several advanced features are missing
  • Trick prices and other charges
  • Constant upsells
  • Poor backups

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Shared Hosting
  • Plan 2: Website Builder
  • Plan 3: VPS hosting
  • Plan 4: Dedicated hosting
  • Plan 5: WordPress Hosting

Which HostGator Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For E-commerce?

HostGator Provides one of the best and high-quality options at an affordable price. The site offers many fantastic features, like getting the domain for the first year free of cost. The packages are available at a low cost, but that does not mean the site offers you poor services.

How Do I Login Into HostGator?

  1. To log in to your account, visit the homepage of HostGator
  2. Log in with your email address and customer portal password
  3. If a user forgets the password, then one can follow the Forget Password link

How Do I Contact HostGator?

There are different ways to contact them, and they are also available on other platforms. So, you can easily catch them. A quick way to access it is to make a call at -866-96-GATOR or 713-574-5287. Their services are available 24/7.

Comparable Solutions

Hostwinds, DreamHost, A2 Hosting, and Linode are all the alternatives for HostGator.

3.   InMotion Hosting, Web Hosting For Students

InMotion Hosting, Web Hosting For Students

Tagline: The 


InMotion is an excellent choice for all the students who remain busy studying and fail to find the time for their websites. It is the best web hosting that offers you several standard hosting packages, and all of these plans play a crucial role in building websites. The site offers four different plans, and one chooses them according to their requirements.


  • BoldGrid
  • Free domains
  • 21/7 customer support
  • Free SSL, automatic backups, and much more


  • No NGINX
  • Iffy check out process
  • The host does not provide an Asian datacenter

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Shared Hosting
  • Plan 2: Dedicated Hosting
  • Plan 3: WordPress Hosting
  • Plan 4: VPS Hosting

Which InMotion Hosting Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For E-commerce?

Shared hosting would be excellent web hosting for the students. It is available at an affordable price. In addition, it is a fast and reliable option for all small businesses. Here, you can host your small business website with 24/7 human support. The hosting helps the users to handle all of their websites easily.

How Do I Login Into InMotion hosting?

  1. Visit their page at
  2. Click at login button just at the top right side of the page
  3. Fill in the username and click on Login

How Do I Contact InMotion Hosting?

The web hosting offers you their services 24/7. There are several ways to catch them. Firstly, you can make them a call at 888-321-4678 or 757-416-6575. You can also keep yourself in touch with them through  Live Support, which is also a great way to answer all the queries.

Comparable Solutions

A2 Hosting, DreamHost, Bluehost, and WP Engine are all alternatives for InMotion Hosting.

4.   Namecheap, Web Hosting For Students

Namecheap, Web Hosting For Students

Tagline: Namecheap can bring ideas to your life! All the plans offered by them can introduce your products to a broad audience and provide you with everything that requires your website!


Namecheap started its journey as a domain registrar. For now, web hosting has been developed into a very reliable and cost-effective hosting provider.

The hosting offers you several benefits like free domain, 20 GB disk space, 20 GB disk space, and free SSL certificates. In addition, the site is easy to use. and provides all of its services at an affordable price and thus becomes an excellent web hosting provider for all the students.


  • The interface is easy to use
  • Fast responding and technically oriented support
  • Easy to set and convenient to use
  • Offers all of their plans at an affordable price


  • Do not offer any discount
  • Some domains are over=priced without any reason
  • Not compatible with different other browsers
  • Affiliate program appears to be a scam

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Shared Hosting
  • Plan 2: New Product
  • Plan 3: Com Domains
  • Plan 4: VPS Hosting
  • Plan 5: BIZ Domains
  • Plan 6: XYS Domains
  • Plan 7: EasyWP
  • Plan 8: Pro Email
  • Plan 9: EasyWP Starter
  • Plan 10: EasyWP Turbo
  • Plan 11: ONE Domain

Which Namecheap Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For E-commerce?

Shared Hosting is the best web hosting plan or strategy for the students. The hosting services are available at a budget-friendly price. The system offers unmetered bandwidth, Domain name, and privacy protection. Above all, web hosting also provides a 30-days money-back guarantee.

How Do I Login Into Namecheap?

  1. Sign In to Namecheap account,
  2. choose Sign-in, fill in your email address and password
  3. Select Login, and that’s it!

How Do I Contact Namecheap?

There are several platforms where you contact them. For instance, they are available on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Besides it, you can also find them at 4600 East Washington Street, Suite 305, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA.

Comparable Solutions

GoDaddy, DreamHost,, and Google Domains are all the best alternatives for Namecheap.

5.   Liquid Web, Web Hosting For Students

Liquid Web, Web Hosting For Students

Tagline: The site aims to become your hosting partner instead of becoming your hosting provider! So, choose them as the best web hosting providers and get an excellent plan for your business.


The web hosting comes with windows and Linux web hosting plans. You can get different hosting plans VPS, managed WordPress plans, and dedicated. It is a great web hosting for all the students out there as it is fast and always offers friendly customer services.

Moreover, the hosting ensures you a 99% uptime guarantee, and undoubtedly the prices for their packages are a little bit high.


  • Fully managed to host infrastructure
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Premium tools included for free
  • 100% uptime guarantee


  • No free email hosting 
  • High pricing
  • No money-back guarantee
  • There is no contract

Plans And Prices

  • Plan 1: Dedicated Servers
  • Plan 2: Server Clusters
  • Plan 3: VPS
  • Plan 4: Private VPS Parent
  • Plan 5: Cloud Dedicated
  • Plan 6: VMware Private Cloud
  • Plan 7: Managed WordPress
  • Plan 8: Managed WooCommerce
  • Plan 9: Magento Cloud
  • Plan 10: Cloud Servers
  • Plan 12: Private VPS Parents
  • Plan 13: Server Clusters
  • Plan 14: High Performance
  • Plan 15: High Availability
  • Plan 16: Database Hosting
  • Plan 17: HIPAA

Which SiteGround Web Hosting plan Should I Choose For E-commerce?

Dedicated servers are the best choice for the students, as they can improve the performance and security of your website. The web hosting plan offers completely customizable dedicated server hosting, which provides real-time monitoring. The web hosting also ensures you 100% Power and Network Uptime Guarantees. 

How Do I Login Into Liquid Web?

  1. Open the web-browser
  2. Click customer Login
  3. Enter username and passwords
  4. Click Login, and that’s it

How Do I Contact Liquid Web?

The users can contact any time through Live Chat and can discuss all of your issues with them. You can call the experts at: 800.580.4985. you can send the emails at: and catch them at Liquid Web Inc 2703 Ena Dr. Lansing, MI 48917, US.

Comparable Solutions

IONOS, A2 Hosting, Hostwinds, and WP Engine are all the alternatives for Liquid Web.


Which Server Is Best For Online Classes?

There are many web hosting options for students and teachers, like SiteGriund,, and Bluehost. All of these sites are the best and are available at an affordable price.

Can You Have a Website Without Hosting?

Yes, you can have a site without hosting, but if you do not know about WAMP, you may find it almost difficult to set up the server for hosting.

Do I Have To Pay For Website Hosting?

If you want to launch a site, then you will have to pay for the hosting. Although many free web hosting is also available, no one will pay you the same quality as one requires for most sites.