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Dreamhost Review – 5 Great Key Features You Must Know (2021)

In the digital age that we live in, one of the most important factors for any business or personal website is the first impression they make on the web. Many reputable hosting companies offer a similar set of hosting services, so choosing the right provider for you can be overwhelming.

Dreamhost offers excellent features at reasonable prices. The hosting company provides a lot of tools to make the process of starting a website easier for novice webmasters. 

In this article, you will discover what makes DreamHost different from other hosting providers and pick the products that are more suitable for your needs. 

About Dreamhost

Dreamhost was founded in 1996 by Josh Hones, Dallas Bethune, Sage Weil, and Michael Rodriguez. The four friends then studied at the same college in California, and they built the hosting company on open-source technology. At present, the company employs more than 200 people and has about 400 000 customers in 100+ countries.

Dreamhost has won an award for a WordPress host and has a unique relationship with the popular CMS. Many users prefer this hosting provider to other companies in the industry as it provides an excellent WordPress environment. Beyond that, developers can consider the option to launch a cloud server in less than a minute and benefit from software like MongoDB, Redis, and Ruby on Rails.

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Products and plans Offered by Dreamhost

If you need to create a website, but can’t afford high prices, shared hosting is the way to go. As your business starts to grow, and you have a large amount of traffic, you may look for a virtual private server or dedicated hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting plans are perfect for personal sites, blogs, portfolios, or small business sites. As the server’s resources are shared between many customers, there is a risk that your website run slower.

All shared hosting plans offer flexible options and a user-friendly interface. If you plan to host one website, the Shared Starter is the right option. The price for entry-level starts at $2.59 for a month and includes a free domain for the first year, unlimited traffic, fast SSD storage, WordPress Pre-Installed, and more. For users that already have a WordPress website hosted in a different provider, there is a free migration plugin, that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. All shared hosting plans provide a Free SSL certificate ‘Let’s Encrypt’ to protect your site and boost search engine optimization. In addition, DreamHost creates automatic daily backups of WordPress sites on an everyday basis.

WordPress Managed Hosting

Dreamhost has created DreamPress hosting packages designed for users of WordPress. The most affordable package starts from $16.95 for a month and comes in with everything necessary for a successful website. The plan includes 30GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, Jetpack free pre-installed, 1-click staging, and more. With bulletproof backups, you can easily restore and protect your site with automated or on-demand backups. All the DreamPress hosting packages have build-in caching for faster delivery of the content and more satisfied customers. Even more, you have access to a drag-and-drop editor, 200+ design themes, and a quick start wizard to help you easily create your website. DreamPress Pro and DreamPress Plus plans include the plugin Jetpack Professional, packed with many powerful tools for better security, performance, and marketing of your site.

 VPS hosting

A virtual private server is a hosting solution where resources of the server are isolated for each user. As a result, 

your website has excellent performance that is highly appreciated by the customers. VPS hosting is more suitable for applications or websites with heavy demands of resources. The VPS Basic package starts with a price of $10.00 for a month and includes 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage, unlimited websites, and unlimited traffic. As for many sales offer, you should be aware that the price is available only with 3 years contract. VPS hosting packages are scalable, and you can easily switch to a plan that better fits your needs. DreamHost provides a custom control panel to faster setup and manages your site. When it comes to great performance, you can opt for a one-week free trial of the MySQL database during checkout.

Dedicated Hosting

As your business evolves, you may consider dedicated servers plans as an option that is perfect for giant websites or resource-heavy applications. Looking in detail, these plans offer full control of your hosting environment in order to make custom programming decisions. Not only do your pages load with lightning-fast speed, but also you have top security of your data. With every dedicated hosting plan, you will receive full root and shell access (SSH), DDoS protection, Ruby version manager, OPcache, advanced panel, and many more. The starting plan comes with Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread cores and 4 GB RAM, and a price from $149 for a month. The packages scale up gradually, and the most advanced offers Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-thread and 64 GB RAM.

Cloud Computing & Object Storage

DreamCompute is a cloud computing service preferred by many users for the freedom and performance it provides. This hosting service is perfect for gaming purposes, running web-scale applications, or serving as a test and development environment. The services are delivered through the Neutron service of OpenStack and storage is implemented with Ceph, a scalable storage technology.

DreamObject is an object storage service and is perfect for storing backups, hosting files, and Web app development. This hosting plan offers you to store huge amounts of unstructured data. What’s more DreamObject is inexpensive, infinitely scalable, and has customizable metadata. 

WP Website Builder

DreamHost selected some premium plugins and tools to help you create faster your WordPress website as well as manage it as it grows. The drag-and-drop Page Builder provides ready design blocks and includes advanced options for professionals.

Key Features of Dreamhost 

100% uptime guaranteed

If you are looking for a definite guarantee for uptime DreamHost is dedicated to ensuring your website will be online all the time. The hosting company has many data center locations, emergency generators, redundant cooling, and constant monitoring in order to keep your website available. In case this system fails, you will be refunded.

24/7 Support

DreamHost provides 24/7/365 customers support by live chat, an active forum, or via Twitter. In fact, the team offers to ring you only after you pay a fee. The support team is WordPress proficient and could provide information about any technical issue related to the popular CMS.

Commitment to Security

DreamHost offers a wide range of tools to guarantee the security of your data. You can take advantage of Malware Remover, Free domain privacy, Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate, and HTTP/2.

Money-Back Guarantee

DreamHost has a 97 days money-back guarantee which is better than most providers. However, it applies to shared hosting plans and in case you used a credit card for payment or Google Checkout. Another great option is monthly billing, which allows you to cancel your hosting plan at any time without additional fees. 

Reliable Solid State Storage

Fast load sites attract more visitors. DreamHost upgraded to SSD storage, so your database queries and website caching become 200% faster than old-school HDDs. Apart from that DreamHost creates automatic daily backups of your website, and you also have an option to create a manual backup once a day.

Most asked questions for Dreamhost

What payment options are available for DreamHost?

DreamHost allows payment with a wide variety of payment options like Debit/Credit Card(MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover), PayPal, Check or Money Order, Checking Account, Gift Certificate.

How can you contact DreamHost?

You can choose between several ways to contact DreamHost. There is an email, live chat, or phone. The customers should be aware that the support team is speaking only English.

Drawbacks of Dreamhost

However, there are some small drawbacks that you can consider before becoming a client. First, the hosting services are excellent, but the costs are a bit higher than many competitors. Another thing is that some users find the control panel hard to navigate as it has too many options.


DreamHost is a hosting company that is well-known among web developers, designers, and other digital specialists. It combines high quality and low prices, the best value for small projects. Also, it provides reliable security, good support, and enough speed for large-scale projects. The unique 100% uptime guarantee is worth for business that should be available all the time. Also, you have an option to pay your bills monthly with Dreamhost, and therefore you can cancel the plans at any time without an additional fee.

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DreamHost Review: What are the main advantages of DreamHost

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DreamHost is an excellent web hosting service provider for most website owners looking for reliable performance and easy adaptation at an affordable price.