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Bluehost Web Hosting Review – 5 Great Key Features You Must Know (2021)

Whether you want to make a strong online presence for your business, or you simply need to start a personal blog, choosing the right hosting provider will be a great advantage. However, there are too many options that you have to consider, and the process of finding a web hosting provider can become overwhelming.

In this article, you could take a close look at hosting services provided by Bluehost web hosting and take a more informed decision that fits your needs.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, Bluehost is one of the most popular brand names. The hosting provider offers packages for everyone: from novices and bloggers to well-established e-commerce and more. Not only Bluehost offers a full range of hosting services, but also provides SEO services, marketing training, content creation, social media marketing, domain names, and more.

About Bluehost web hosting

Initially, there were two web hosts, named and, created in 1996. Bluehost web hosting was settled in 2003 by Matt Heaton.  

A few years later, in 2009, Bluehost introduced CPU throttling, a process relating to the CPU usage of the server. As a result, the hosting company has an option to shut down a website hosted on his servers, in case it was exceeding the CPU quota. 

In 2010, Endurance International Group acquired Bluehost. At present, the company is hosting over 2 million domains and employs about 750 people in Orem, Utah. 

Currently, Bluehost offers many web hosting services like shared hosting, VPS, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers.

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Products and plans Offered by Bluehost web hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting packages are very popular, as they are an affordable and easy way to get a website online. Bluehost Shared Hosting allows multiple users to share a single server. The hosting provider offers many combinations of features suitable for any user’s needs.


If you need to start your online presence with only one website, a Basic hosting plan is the most reasonable decision for you. The package offers 50 GB SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, free CDN, and a free domain for one year. In addition, there are regular discounts, and you could find a starting price of $2.95 per month with a contract for 36 months. However, you should be careful, because it renews at a regular rate of $8.99.

Plus and Choice Plus

These hosting plans are recommended for clients that are running multiple sites. Besides all the features, included in the basic plan, Plus hosting package provides unlimited SSD storage and the service Free Office 365 for a limited time. On the other hand, the Choice Plus plan offers more special and security features like Free Domain Privacy and Free Automated backup for one year. 


If you want to get more from shared hosting, you can opt for a Pro hosting plan. On top of everything featured in other shared hosting plans, you will receive a free dedicated IP and unlimited free automated backup. 

WordPress hosting

Essentially, all shared hosting plans offer a WordPress Integration. What’s more, BlueHost has created packages especially for the most popular content management system at the moment. With a Build hosting plan, you will get everything that is necessary for a professional website. There are features like 200+ Global Edge Servers, staging environment, Jetpack Personal, and many more. 

The most advanced WordPress hosting plan starts at $27.95 for a month and includes unique features like PayPal integration, Elastic Search, Blue Sky Live Chat Support, and more. 

Bluehost’s managed WordPress platform handles the daily maintenance of the server, provides excellent tools to speed up your website performance. Most importantly, the hosting provider will transfer your existing site from other hosts free of charge. The security of your WordPress site is guaranteed by Web Application Firewall, DDoS, bot blocking, and brute force attack protection.

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting allows you to use a set amount of CPU, RAM, and disk space, independently from other users on the same server. The hosting provider creates virtual parts of the Dedicated Server and splits the resources amongst the accounts of users. This results in better performance and stability of your website. 

The Standard VPS hosting package has top features like 2 cores, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth. The price with a discount could be as low as $19.95 for a month, with 3 years term, and renews at a regular rate of $29.99. For users with higher demands for storage, there is a hosting plan Enhanced, with two times more SSD storage and RAM. As VPS plans are easily scalable, you can control your needs of resources at any time. All VPS hosting packages come with cPanel/WHM to let you easily manage your websites and analyze their performance. 

Dedicated Hosting

For the ultimate speed, control, and flexibility of your website, Dedicated server hosting plans are the best option. You can rely on more powerful features that match your needs. As the servers in this hosting plan are isolated, you have full access to your server and configure it without depending on other users. This hosting plan is created for websites and applications with high traffic that need stability and higher performance. You can choose between Standard, Enhanced, and Premium packages, and you could always count on dedicated support to assist you with any hosting issue. As the Standard plan provides RAID Level 1 Storage 2 x 500 GB, you can choose to easily increase the storage in real-time. Bluehost provides an improved cPanel for managing every aspect of our account from one location. The most affordable price to get a dedicated server from the hosting provider is $79.99 for a month.

Key Features of Bluehost 

Performance and Uptime

Bluehost delivers on average 99.99% uptime. In the case of downtown of the service for a longer time, you have an option to cancel your hosting contract. It means the provider guarantees that you will not pay a cancellation fee.


Besides Bluehost states that they offer regular backups for their customers, the provider highly recommends creating your backups. In particular, the host provides access to a third-party tool named Site Backup. This software creates a backup that is recommended to be stored offline.

If you choose a dedicated server plan, Bluehost offers a ‘RAID Level 1” support. This feature increases the security as your data has mirrors storage on multiple disks. 

Additionally, you can take many other measures to secure your data. For example, you can manage digital certificates and private keys, create filters for users or email accounts, IP address blacklists, and many more.


Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support available on telephone, live chat, support tickets, and email. You can rely on well-trained experts to help you with all technical issues. Whenever you want to research anything on your own, you could rely on the extensive knowledge base of Bluehost that supplies a great variety of video tutorials, how-to-guides, FAQs, and articles on web hosting topics. 

30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the hosting services, you could cancel the agreement at any time within 30 days. However, you will get a 100% refund only for the costs of the hosting plan. There are some additional add-on products, like domains, that are not covered by the money-back guarantee.

Bluehost Extras

There are some features that the host provides as free. For instance, you will receive a free domain for one year, $150 worth of credits for Google Adwords, a free drag-and-drop site builder, and more. Also, you could make your website more secure with an anti-spam filter, CDN services, and shared SSL without any additional charges.

Most asked questions for Bluehost

How Do I Contact Bluehost?

The support team is ready to answer your question. You can contact them by phone at 888-401-4678, and also you can connect through social media.

How do you login into Bluehost?

First of all, you will need a valid username and password to log in to your account. Then you will find the button login in the top right corner of the Bluehost website. It will take you right to the login page.

Drawbacks of Bluehost

While shared hosting is one of the most preferred hosting plans, Bluehost does not allow you to choose month-to-month payments for these options.

You may also consider that the hosting provider charges a fee to migrate your website from a different host. Most competitive companies offer this service free of charge.


Bluehost web hosting provides a variety of great features, like reliable servers, fast performance, and budget-friendly plans. The easy-to-use cPanel and the digital marketing services are considerable benefits for beginners or small businesses. Bluehost is a recognizable brand and offers many discounts of the price for new customers.

Bluehost – Coupons and Promo codes 

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