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Namecheap Review: 5 Outstanding Features Of Namecheap (2021)

While it may seem that all hosting providers offer the same services, there are many significant differences between them. Finding the right company that fits your needs may be embarrassing. At first glance, Namecheap offers excellent features for users on a tight budget.

Keep reading the article to find the key features and hosting plans of Namecheap.

About Namecheap

Namecheap is mainly a domain name registrar, but also provides web hosting to its clients. Many users find it a great deal to get hosting and domain from the same provider. The hosting company was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000. The company is very innovative, and it started accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment in March 2013. Known as a budget hosting provider, Namecheap has about 10 million registered domains and even more registered users. 

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Products and plans Offered by Namecheap

Shared Web Hosting

You can consider Shared Hosting as an entry-level hosting package where you share a section of one physical server with other users. As a result, you will receive a percentage of disk space, database, RAM, CPU, and other resources. 

Namecheap named their most affordable Shared Hosting package Stellar, and it provides space for 3 websites, 20 GB SSD, free CDN, and free domain name. You may notice that not all domain extensions are available for free. Also, the starting price of $1.58 per month renews at $2.88 the next time you make the payment.

If you need space for more domains, you can choose the Stellar Plus plan, which also provides unmetered SSD and auto backup. For business users, Namecheap provides cloud hosting storage, that is available for US and European data centers. The benefits of this hosting plan are more stability, protected data, and zero interruptions.

All the shared packages are based on the latest technology, the servers run CloudLinux 6x OS with PHP, MySQL, Apache, Perl, and more. The version of the software is the most actual at the moment. Namecheap offers an absolutely free of charge migration of your website from another provider.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS at the moment and it gives you the possibility to build easily the website you need. There are thousands of plugins and themes available that allow you to create your website.

 Managed WP hosting is an environment designed for WordPress, which means it doesn’t require maintenance from you. Another great advantage of this plan is the zero downtime of the server. Although EasyWP doesn’t come with a standard cPanel, it includes a customized dashboard to help you manage all your sites. With this tool, you could easily maintain your account. 

On top of that, Namecheap offers you to start for free for the first month. The EasyWP Starter provides 10 GB SSD storage, 50k visitors for a month and comes at $3.88/month. The next hosting plan supplies 1.5x more CPU, 1.5x more RAM, free CDN, and more. Easy WP is not just a cheap hosting plan, it excels your expectations with its cloud technology and unique infrastructure. The free positive SSL feature brings validation and encryption to your website, making it more trustworthy to your visitors. 

VPS hosting

Essentially, VPS hosting plans provide full root access and the possibility to configure your operating system on the customization page. If your website traffic and needs of resources grow fast, you have the option to scale easily and expand the disk space, bandwidth, or CPU power. In this manner, you pay only the necessary for you at a lower price.

 Namecheap has two VPS plans–the popular option Pulsar and the best seller Quasar. Both plans include top security standards, a choice of server management, and free transfer from other providers. The lowest price of a VPS plan from Namecheap is $6.88 for a month with an agreement for one year.

Regarding the management of your account, you can choose between two panels available – the new InterWorx and the standard cPanel. In any case, choosing VPS hosting requires some basic level of technical expertise to benefit from the customization of your server.

Dedicated hosting

If you own a large-scale business, it’s necessary to consider Dedicated Server hosting. It represents a physical server that is dedicated only to a single user. Therefore, you receive more adaptability and power compared to other hosting plans. In particular, Dedicated server hosting is more suitable for high-traffic websites, business applications, podcasting, big data, machine learning, game servers, storage, and infrastructure virtualization. You can easily upgrade your current plan to Dedicated, or you can ask for help from the customer support of Namecheap to make the transfer for you at no charge.

Depending on your preferences, you could opt for three Server Management options–user-responsible, basic or complete. The default choice is the first option where you configure the server on your own. The basic management provides active monitoring by Namecheap and works only with CentOS or CloudLinux installed.

 In case you have no time or technical knowledge, the hosting provider can support everything for you. The Namecheap team will take care of all the configuration, service interruptions, and even weekly backups. However, Complete management is available only to servers with two or more disks. The promo hosting plan Xeon E3-1230 v5 offers 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz, 4 x 500 GB HDD, 16 GB DDR$, 100 TB/mo bandwidth, and starts from $48.88 for a month.

Reseller hosting

The primary purpose of Reseller hosting is to allow you, as a reseller, to purchase and resell hosting resources for a profit. It is perfect for web design firms, web developers, and business entrepreneurs. There are three hosting options available–Nebula, Galaxy Expert, and Universe Pro. You could also choose the data center location in the UK that is free or in the UK for $1.00 more for a month.

Namecheap hosting plan costs $19.88 per month and includes 25 cPanel accounts and 30 GB SSD. All the reseller packages include unmetered bandwidth, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free cPanel/WHM. In addition, you can take advantage of the white-label marketing tools, WHMCS billing platform, the SSL reseller program, and more. 

Key Features of Namecheap

Privacy and security

One of the key priorities of Namecheap is to keep the Internet safe, open, and free for everyone. The hosting provider supports the rights of users online and protects your online privacy and security. Namecheap offers features like a VPN service, two-factors authentication, browsing protection, and personal privacy to keep you safe online.

Industry-leading support

You can rely on a 24/7 support team to help you with any technical issue. Simply put, people from customer service are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Namecheap offers a support ticket or lives chat option if you run into trouble and need help. If you prefer to resolve the issues by yourself, the hosting provider offers plenty of videos and guides in an extensive knowledge base.

Reliable security

Namecheap ensures two channels of security: a great variety of SSL certificates and a domain Privacy service for the owners of the Namecheap domain. One extra feature provided by the hosting company is a virtual private network to protect the privacy of your team and keep sensitive data. Another service that guarantees your security is two-factor authentication, which adds extra protection to your account.

100% uptime and regular backup

Namecheap guarantees 100% uptime and provides a service level agreement. In case it isn’t achieved, you’ll receive credits. Apart from that, Namecheap offers backups on a daily basis. If data loss happens, the hosting provider will recover the data for free.

Drawbacks of Namecheap

After all, there are a few drawbacks you may consider before paying your first fee:

  • Some users have declared problems with downtime and the performance of their sites
  • You should be aware of the higher renewal rates of your domain registration and hosting plans

Most asked questions for Namecheap

How can you contact Namecheap?

As Namecheap does not provide a toll-free number, the next option is to look for help with Live Chat. All the information is available on the website of Namecheap.

How can you migrate a website from another hosting company?

Namecheap will help you transfer your WP website to your new account within 24 hours with no charges. All you need to do is submit a request with your details. 

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Namecheap goes beyond just providing hosting services and domain names at very reasonable prices. It is a top domain registrar and ensures reliable hosting performance. In particular, the main benefit is that Namecheap enables you to manage all your accounts from one main dashboard. It really simplifies the workflow and results in better efficiency.