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InMotion Review – 5 Great Key Features You Must Know (2021)

There are many web hosting providers on the market offering similar services and plans. It can be difficult and really time-consuming to choose the right company that fits your needs. Based on many criteria, InMotion receives a high score due to its competitive prices, excellent customer service, and exceptional VPS plans. 

The hosting company doesn’t only provide webspace; they keep your data secure and offer various other services. The one thing which makes InMotion hosting different from others is the competitive money-back guarantee with a 90 days trial period.

 In this extensive guide, you will learn all about InMotion’s services, hosting packages, and other special benefits.

About InMotion  

InMotion was founded in 2001, and recently maintains a headquarters in Virginia and California. The director of operation is Daniel Cunningham, and the number of employees has reached 50. InMotion is an entirely employee-owned company, and that is something really interesting, compared to other hosting giants.

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Products and plans offered by InMotion  

InMotion offers everything you would expect from a hosting provider on the market. There are affordable entry-level packages, as well as WordPress-specific plans, and even highly scalable dedicated hosting offers.

Shared hosting

If you are just starting a new blog or website, shared hosting is a great option. It has low-priced plans and is perfect for launching new business decisions. Shared hosting plans of InMotion are Linux-based and come with cPanel as a management tool.


This basic package is designed for hosting no more than two websites. It offers up to 50GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and free domain. InMotion have their own Operating System, called UltraStack, which is optimized for a faster hosting experience. It is easily customizable for most content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and others. Launch hosting plan includes UltraStack with 3X Performance. The price of this starting plan is $5.99 per month.


While this shared hosting plan offers more attractive features, often there are sales proposals, and you can buy it at the same price as Launch package. Power plan allows you to support 50 websites, 100 GB disk space, and 4X Performance. Plus, you will get Advanced Caching to speed the loading time of your websites.


As your business grows and attracts more traffic to your website, your needs for more resources grow. Pro shared hosting offers the speed that your customers expect. The content of your website is delivered extremely fast, and the SSD drives are very reliable. The price of this package is 15.99$ for a month, and there are included 100 MySQL &PostgreSQL Databases, respectively 100 websites supported, and 200GB disc space.

What is more, each shared hosting plan offers a drag-and-drop BoldGrid Website Builder, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name.

VPS hosting

You can count on virtual private servers even if you have very demanding applications or high-traffic websites. The VPS hosting packages are highly scalable and offer an easy and simple upgrade of your account. The price starts from $31.99 for a month for 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 45GB disc space, and 4TB monthly bandwidth. For your convenience, you could configure a server with the exact technology that you want, and get the performance that suits your needs. In addition, you could rely on Launch Assist to transfer your website or data more easily and free of charge. You could also take advantage of support to make the migration without any additional fees. In comparison, the competitors charge about $100 for this service.

 Your Managed VPS plan is protected with instant roll back to a previous version of your data by Server Snapshots. All the complex server management tasks are completed by the hosting team of experts, so technical knowledge by your side is not necessary.

 In case your account runs out of resources InMotion allows you easily upgrade to a more suitable VPS plan. All virtual server packages are very affordable and offer a private area that is strictly isolated from other users.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are looking for root access, custom software, or any special features, a dedicated hosting plan will be your best option. InMotion designed this package to meet the needs of websites at an enterprise level.

There are some dedicated hosting plans of that provider available. You can choose from a range of 16 to 192GB RAM and configure a Linux-based server to meet your needs. What’s more, with all dedicated hosting plans, InMotion provides a cPanel to manage your databases, users, or domains and even free website transfers to easily migrate data.

The hosting company offers a free consultation with a server expert to help you determine the perfect server setup. The dedicated servers packages price starts from $139.99/mo with an Essential hosting package that includes 4 Core, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 15TB Data Transfer, and 5 Dedicated IPs.

Managed WordPress Hosting 

InMotion provides a hosting solution that is optimized for WordPress and its plug-ins. Since the company offers plans enabled with WP-CLI, it is also possible to host multiple sites of the most popular CMS. All the details related to the migration of a website from another host are very simplified. Above all, you don’t need technical skills to manage your website, and you could focus on your business growth. The hosting plan is great for fast page load, security protection, and server monitoring.

There are various options for WordPress hosting, including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers plans. The most affordable plan is starting at $2.99 for a month.

 Key features of InMotion 

 1. Fast and Reliable 

InMotion places measures to ensure high availability of your website and guarantees 99.99% uptime. In particular, there are two data centers you can choose from, one in Los Angeles and another in Virginia. To deliver fast hosting services, the datacenters are using multiple tiers.

 2. 24/7/365 Customer Support  

InMotion provides five ways to get support. There is phone and email support, live chat with the expert team, a web hosting knowledge base, and a section with questions and answers. The online resources are available all the time and will guide you through the process of launching or managing your website. 

 If you have a pressing technical issue, it is necessary to contact a customer support agent. They are available 24/7 and could help you handle various specific tasks. Most of the time InMotion Hosting experts reply in short wait times. That’s why they receive numerous positive reviews and ratings.

 3. Safety and Security 

InMotion ensures various ways to keep your account safe. As an example, for the managed WordPress plans you can install the Sucuri plugin to prevent security risks. In addition, there is an option to subscribe to Spam Experts virus and spam protection, if you pay only a small monthly fee. If your website is under 10GB InMotion includes a remote backup service in your plan. Plus, if you have a dedicated server hosting plan, there is an Advanced Policy Firewall so the hacker’s attack will be prevented.

 4. 90-Day Money-Back guarantee 

There is not only a 30-day money-back guarantee for all month-to-month hosting plans, but in particular, InMotion offers a 90-day guarantee for users at plans for more than six months. It is almost an exceptional industry-leading offer. 

5. Complete Server Solutions 

Overall, InMotion ensures hosting for your apps, lets you build custom stacks, and install an operating system like Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian during checkout. On top of that, your solutions will be up and running quickly.

 Most asked questions for InMotion  

How does the money-back guarantee work?

The hosting company provides a full money-back guarantee depending on your plan. For instance, if you prepaid for a year, you will receive a refund based on usage. It is necessary to be careful as there are no refunds for Remote KVMs or add-ons.

How many websites can you host with the Shared Hosting package?

Depending on your hosting plan, there are different numbers of the website you can host. InMotion allows two websites for Launch plans, up to 50 websites for Power plans, and with Pro, you can host no more than 100 websites.

Lastly, there are only a few small disadvantages that you may consider. In case you prefer using a Windows-based server, you may be surprised that technical support is not provided. 

Also, the priority support is limited to only the users with the higher plans. One more thing is that you sign up with lower prices, and when you renew your contract, you will have to pay more. 

 The main takeaway of InMotion hosting 

 InMotion offers to its users very secure hosting solutions, an impressive knowledge base, and cPanel for easy management. The company provides free site backups and transfers and also US-based customer support. InMotion is recommended especially for small business owners and for clients looking for excellent VPS hosting.

InMotion Hosting – Coupons and Promo codes

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